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Nationwide Building Society confirmed that creating a loft conversion can add more than £42,000 to the value of an average property, and an extra bathroom could boost its worth by nearly £10,000. A loft conversion in York is one of the best ways to increase the value of a house. In terms of the value added to a home after completing a loft conversion, it is not uncommon for the work to pay for itself and therefore be very profitable for homeowners.


If you are looking for a building company in York to do your loft conversion, you came to the right place. Maximise the space in your home quickly and easily with us. All Extra Space tradesmen are employed directly by us giving you reliability, consistent quality, and commitment.


If you would like to read about some of our favourite buildings in York, see below!


York Minster


This is a really interesting building for Extra Space. It is a Victorian building in Leeds, West Yorkshire which was completed in 1863 and is a grade I listed building. Designed by Cuthbert Brodrick and built between 1861 and 1863.

The original purpose of the building was to sell or exchange 'corn' and other commodities. Leeds Corn Exchange opened in part on 28th July 1863 and was completed in 1864. Extra Space think it is one of the best buildings in Leeds, great piece of architecture!





St. Mary's Abbey


The Abbey of St Mary is a ruined Benedictine abbey in York and a Grade I listed building. The ruins we now see are all that remains of one of the wealthiest and most powerful Benedictine monasteries in England. Today the north and west walls remain, plus the West Gate, Abbot’s House St Mary’s Tower and a polygonal water tower by the river. Although mostly ruins now, the detail in the remaining structures hold fantastic craftmanship which the Extra Space Team in York find fascinating.



Castle Howard


Extra Space Developments believe this structure is one of the most interesting and significant in York. Construction of Castle Howard began in 1701 and took over 100 years to complete. Castle Howard is a private residence and has been the home of the Carlisle branch of the Howard family for more than 300 years.


Many of the 200 listed buildings and monuments on the estate were designed and built during the 18th century. A constant programme of conservation, restoration and maintenance is in action to make sure the house and estate is protected for future generations. - www.castlehoward.co.uk



All Saints Church North Street


This church is a Grade I listed building located on a site consecrated for worship for the last 1,100 years. The church is noted as containing the finest collection of medieval glass in York except the York Minster, mostly dating from the early 14th century. When the York Extra Space Developments team drive by this building, we always mention what an amazing piece of architecture it is.






Loft Conversations in York


Are you searching for a builder to do your loft conversion in York?


Loft conversions in York are ideal for avoiding the use of outside ground space, especially in properties with a limited outdoor area. From the initial design, through to the build and the finished product, all aspects of your York loft conversion will be carried out to a very high standard. Our team is extremely skilled and experienced, so you can rest assured you have chosen the right company to complete your loft conversion, on time and to budget.


There are many good reasons to convert or extend your loft in York. It is possibly the largest bit of unused space in your home, and often the simplest to convert. Some loft conversions fall under ‘permitted development’ which in other words means you do not need planning permission to have one, however this should always be checked with a specialist. Extra Space Developments in York will be able to confirm this for you.



We have written more about loft conversions HERE



Extra Space Developments York builders, receive a lot of questions about loft conversions. These are the top searches which have come through our website recently:


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Extra Space Developments York work through all your questions, giving as much information as possible.


Whether or not it requires planning permission, your loft conversion will need to be signed off by your local council. This is something Extra Space takes care of for you, reduce the stress of a building project by letting Extra Space Developments deal with everything from the outset. There is also no need for you to vacate your home - We keep it clean and tidy so there is minimal disruption.


  • Loft conversions in York are an affordable solution
  • Won’t obscure or overshadow other properties
  • Converting your loft adds significant value to your property in York



Give our friendly team a call on 0800 009 6655 if you have any questions!

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