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It can be very easy to begin to outgrow a home, both when new members arrive and also as the younger generation reach their teens. A lack of living space remains one of the main reasons as to why homeowners consider moving to a larger property that meets their ever-growing needs.


Loft conversions are quick and easy to transform making the gaining of extra living space a simple task, they can also add a significant amount of money to the value of a property, up to 20%. This home improvement means you are taking advantage of otherwise unused space, without having to compromise property land that you will miss when built over. Extra Space Developments are builders based in Harrogate, we aim to get most loft conversions or extensions finished within a 6 week time scale depending on the size of the project. There is also no need for you to vacate your home. We keep it clean and tidy so there is minimal disruption.


If you would like to read more about Harrogate, here are a few extremely interesting landmarks in which really stand out for Extra Space Developments:



St Wilfrid Church, Duchy Road


There are many fantastic examples of architecture in Harrogate. The only Grade I listed building in Harrogate is St Wilfrid Church, Duchy Road designed by the architect Temple Lushington Moore and is known well to be his masterpiece. This is an extremely interesting building in Harrogate and the Extra Space team often visit it to marvel at the architecture style used.



Royal Pump Room Museum


Housed in Harrogate's premier spa building this fantastic building is listed as a Grade II. The museum underwent renovations between 1985 and 1987, this overhaul also created new exhibition areas and improved the on site facilities. The fascinating Royal Pump Room Museum brings Harrogate's spa history to life. Expect a guide to the bizarre spa treatments used by the Victorians and a tasting session of Harrogate famous mineral water.






The Royal Hall Theatre


This is a Grade II listed building, designed by Frank Matcham. As the only surviving Kursaal in Britain, the Royal Hall is a very important national heritage building. This stunning Edwardian concert hall often hosts acclaimed events from classical music and comedy to popular music. The building had restoration work in the 2000’s and was fully completed in 2007, the hall was then reopened on 22.02.08.



Country Living St George Hotel


Situated across the road from Harrogate’s Theatre and just two minutes walk from the Turkish Baths. Set in a Grade II listed Edwardian mansion, the hotel promises “An escape from everyday life.” Displaying the country living heritage of Harrogate perfectly, the hotel creates a rural sight right in the centre of Harrogate. Extra Space thinks it is one of the best buildings in Harrogate and a great piece of architecture!



Incredible Gardens to Visit:


✓ RHS Harlow Carr gardens are award-winning gardens and are the Royal Horticultural Society's main presence and representative in the North of England. These beautiful gardens are open all year long and cover a massive 27.5 acres.

✓ The Stray is an area of open parkland in the centre of the town which was created in 1778 to link most of Harrogate's springs in one protected area by an act of Parliament which fixed its area as 200 acres.

✓ Crescent Gardens is a small open area in central Harrogate surrounded by some of the town's main tourist attractions including the Royal Pump Room, Royal Baths and Royal Hall, as well as the Town Hall.





Loft Conversions in Harrogate


If you are looking for a building company in Harrogate to do your loft conversion, you came to the right place. There is no other form of home improvement that costs so comparatively little yet adds so much and the payback on your investment need not wait until you sell.


With a loft conversion it’s not just that extra room you gain. A good conversion can provide additional storage underneath your new stairs as well! Depending on the roof structure and planning constraints, a loft conversion is one of the most straightforward ways of getting extra space. Almost all houses can benefit from this extension with a bit of basic planning.


Do you need planning approval for a loft conversion in Harrogate? Yes, all loft conversions need Buildings Regulation approval, regardless of whether planning permission is needed or not – Extra Space in Harrogate can help with this.


Moving to a larger house might be your first thought but for a lot of people the money, time and stress involved puts this out of reach. A loft conversion is an alternative option that is cheaper, quicker and much less fuss than relocating!


We have written more about loft conversions here:



Extra Space Developments get a lot of questions about loft conversions in Harrogate. These are the top questions that have come through our website recently:


  • Is my loft suitable for conversion
  • Can you remove the trusses from a loft
  • Can my loft beams take weight in Harrogate
  • How to do roof trusses for loft conversion in Harrogate
  • Why is my Harrogate loft conversion so cold
  • Can I strengthen my loft floor in Harrogate
  • Raised ceiling loft conversion Harrogate


Extra Space Developments Harrogate work through all your questions, giving as much information as possible. We aim to get most loft conversions or extensions finished within a 6 week time scale depending on the size of the project.


Whether it’s a loft conversion, new construction or a renovation project, it’s going to be a major investment and needs to be thoroughly planned from the outset.  We offer a FREE quotation service, simply call us on 07703814229 / 07729782141 to arrange a site survey!

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